Friday, November 21, 2014

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Edging down to a FINE ART


I'm Back

Hi EVERYONE   glad to be home    Good News and Bad News
Good News   all these pics have NEVER been on the net before
Bad News   they aren't too sexy.   Its very difficult to get intimate or close sexy pics of complete strangers   mostly candid pics I could sneak in when no one was looking   LOL   well here they are hope you like.   These will be the next 4 postings   ENJOY
This sexy little devil was one of the first men I saw at the Boat Drill

This was all I could get

My Lovely Richard

He was the ONLY man I could

Get this kinda shot of   mmmmmmmmmm

Friday, October 17, 2014

Last POST for a MONTH

Richard and I are going on a CRUISE for a month.   However when I get back I hope to have a wonderful array of NEW sexy men to see.   Enjoy my final post many internet beauties.

THIS guy is REALLY hot

OMG  what a FUCKING doll

OH yes please

peek a boo

SO handsome what an ACTOR

what a SEXY oldman he is   would love to get his cum all over my face

ooh what a come and get it look

someones having a good time

Yup its gorgeous   and so are YOU

This man is just plain STUNNING

what a sweet bulge WHAT a sexy man

don't be poking anyone's eye out with that

cutie pie

BOY I bet he's a mess when he cums  all that delicious hair   yummmmmy


mmm so ready for sucking

DAMN I wanna see him naked

do I HAVE to chose???

This guy looks scarily like a friend of mine    but it's NOT him

Wet and delicious  what a sexy man

just my cuppa TEA   what a sex pot   get those trunks off lemme show you WHAT I CAN DO